15 Moving Tips for An Ultra-Organised Move

Planning on moving house? It’s not until you prepare for your move that you realise how many unnecessary items you have. There are usually possessions hiding in the strangest of places or unwanted clutter that’s mounting up in every cupboard. To help you with your big move, we’ve compiled our top moving tips and tricks for an ultra-organised move.

The Best Moving Tips to Stay Organised

Before you start packing and moving, it’s a good idea to sort through your belongings. Here are our top moving house organising tips to make your move that little bit easier.

Throw Away Visible Clutter

Start by throwing away any visible clutter, room by room. By removing any junk or things you don’t need, you’ll have far less to pack and move. Once you’ve gone through all your visible junk, you can make a start on other items.

Plan Early

Several weeks before your moving day, start going through all your belongings. What items can you keep? What items don’t you use or need anymore? With these, you can make two piles – one for donating to charity and one for throwing away. By doing this, you’ll help to reduce the number of things you need to pack.

Create A Moving Folder

A moving folder is one of the best moving tips and tricks you’ll find. By keeping your receipts, documentation and notes organised, you’ll know exactly where they are. Additionally, you can keep track of any décor inspiration, moving checklists, utility contact details, finance documents and any other important files.

Packing Tips for Moving

What’s the best way to pack your belongings? Use our best packing tips for moving to stay organised. If you are tight on time, you can also enlist the help of professional packers.

Plan Your Strategy

Before you start packing, it’s a good idea to plan your strategy. Begin by packing your non-essentials first as you can do this weeks before your moving date. Your non-essentials could include books, toys, storage items, seasonal clothing and some toiletries. As you get nearer to your moving date, you can start to pack clothes, kitchen and bathroom items, as well as electronics.

Keep Cords Together

If you have a lot of electronics, you’ll know how frustrating it is when the cords become twisted and tangled. To prevent this, wrap each cord individually in a plastic bag and tie it up. You should then keep these in a box together. You could also bag up furniture screws and tape them to each piece of corresponding furniture. This will make it much easier for you when you arrive at your new home and begin to unpack.

Use the Right Boxes

When it comes to packing, make sure you’re using the right size boxes. Lighter items should be packed in big boxes while smaller, heavy items should be transported in smaller boxes. Don’t leave any gaps in your boxes either as this can result in items toppling over and breaking. Instead, fill gaps with bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Remember to secure each item in bubble wrap too for extra protection.

Use Crates for Artwork or Expensive Items

If you have artwork or expensive, fragile items, pack them into sturdy crates to prevent damage during transit. If you have glass items, such as a mirror, place an ‘X’ over the glass with tape to keep it together if it shatters. Then, wrap it in bubble wrap, cardboard or removal blankets. If you’re placing several pictures together, place a piece of cardboard between each one.

Label Your Boxes

Labelling boxes can seem like a tedious process. However, it’s important to do this as it will help to prevent things from going missing during transit. Label your boxes with a description of the items within each box. A good method to use is to number or colour code your boxes and then list the items out. The number or colour can then correspond with a particular room.

Have A Dedicated ‘Moving Day’ Box

Don’t forget to keep one box for your moving day essentials. This should include all the things that you’ll need to use on the day of your move. For example, you may require medication, toiletries, credit cards, toilet paper, rubbish bags, pet food, or any other important items. You can then easily box up these things and keep them with you until you arrive at your new location.

Moving Tips and Tricks for Your Moving Day

Follow our tips for moving out to stay organised when moving boxes and furniture.

Research Moving Companies

If you plan on using a moving company, do your research beforehand. It’s essential to find a reputable company that you can trust with your belongings. Smooth transportation of your belongings is imperative for a relaxing move. You don’t need the worry of your possessions going astray or getting broken. A reliable moving company will have good online feedback – try checking Trustpilot or the company’s Facebook page to determine what previous customers are saying.

Find the Best Route to Your New Home

Rather than wasting an hour or two stuck in traffic, find the most convenient route to your new home to reduce transportation time. Check for any local roadworks and take any potential stops into account when you’re planning your route.

Confirm Your Moving Date

If you’ve hired a moving truck or a removal firm to help you, don’t forget to confirm your moving date. You should also get in touch with your provider the day before to double-check that they’re going to arrive on time. Having to hire another firm at the last minute is a headache you don’t need!

Schedule Parking Beforehand

It is important that you ensure your removal vehicle has easy access to the premises or your new home. Plan ahead so that you’ve got parking arrangements for moving trucks in place in advance at both pick up and drop off locations to ensure a smooth operation.

Have an Unpacking Plan

Unpacking can seem as overwhelming as packing. To stay organised, set yourself a realistic timeframe to unpack each room. You could attempt to unpack two rooms a day or you may prefer to do the complete house within a week. Whatever works for you will depend on your lifestyle.

Organise Each Room by Category

As you unpack, organise each room by category. For instance, in your bedroom, you could start by organising your clothes first. This will help you to organise your belongings with intention rather than simply throwing them into drawers.

Get Help with The Moving Process to Stay Stress Free!

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